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Society for Creative Historical Revisionism

It might be a level 1 forum, but don’t let that fool you about its hilarious content. Our latest forum build is Society for Creative Historical Revisionism:

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the Vikings rode dinosaurs into battle against Stalin’s werewolf army? Sadly, mainstream history doesn’t allow for these kinds of facts. Historians use fuzzy methods of research and “facts” that give us the dull stupid truth. Books tell us Anne Frank didn’t win the Minnesota Iron Man competition three years straight and that Ghandi wasn’t actually Mata Hari. Well, we here at SCHR don’t believe those books…because we believe books were never invented. Join us today.


Written by eviltrout

November 24, 2008 at 2:14 AM

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Changes to Streaking (x forums in a row)

Tonight I deployed a change to the way streaks were being handled in the database. It’s quite simple now compared to the way it used to be:

  • By pwning different forums in a row, you increase your streak
  • If you repeat a forum, the streak resets
  • If you do not complete a forum (die, chicken out, whatever), your streak resets.

Every 4 forums you pwn, you will be rewarded with an E-Peen(tm) and pistachio scoops.

Now I did my best job migrating all the old streaks over to the new system. However, there may be some speed bumps at first, as streaks that worked before no longer might work with the new system. Also, it’s always possible I’ve introduced new bugs.

If your streak breaks, please report it as a bug using the report a bug tool. I have the capability of fixing your streak, so it is not a permanent loss!

The important thing is to report anything fishy so we can figure it out. Having said that, I looked through the top players and it seems to match up perfectly. Here is a list of the top streakers, in case anyone is interested.


Written by eviltrout

November 20, 2008 at 11:45 PM

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This week’s forum build is special in that it’s the first one that has been published automatically! (Okay, I held its hand a little, but it was done with no manual settings.). It’s also hilarious, and you should check it out:

Need to know where to find the best porn on the internet? Need a good torrent? Or would you like to find the closest adult store to your basement? Our trained guides at FapQuest can direct you to any of these places, whether it be on the internet or not!

It’s also our first forum to ever feature user designed topic icons. I like this one because it’s practically NSFW:

Next week’s build will be Society For Creative Historical Revisionism!

Written by eviltrout

November 17, 2008 at 2:44 AM

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Buildr Topic Icons

Starting tomorrow at 12PM, you will be able to submit Icons in ForumBuildr for each topic. You know, the little icons to the left of any post in the game.

Each icon must 60×15 in size, and represent the three topics chosen for the current build. This week they will be “Porn Shops”, “Websites” and “Directions.”

I’m really excited to see what kinds of icons you guys come up with. If some are really good, maybe we can integrate them into Flamebate proper.

Written by eviltrout

November 12, 2008 at 5:23 PM

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E-Peen(tm) Length

We’ve changed your E-Peen(tm) count to be an E-Peen(tm) length.

It’s a much more interesting way of tallying your E-Peen(tm), since not every E-Peen(tm) is created equal.

In general, E-Peen(tm) that are harder to obtain increase your E-Peen(tm) length by more than those that are easy to get.

Your E-Peen(tm) length is a value in inches less than 13″ — the first 6″ is really easy to earn, the next 7″ are much more difficult to pick up.

The length is calculated nightly based on all the E-Peen(tm) that are in circulation. As more E-Peen(tm) are added to the system, it automatically adjusts everyones length to take it into account.

Check out how well you fare. I’m a respectable 7.23″!

Written by eviltrout

November 5, 2008 at 9:23 PM

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ForumBuildr update!

This week we’re deploying some of the new upgrades to the ForumBuildr tool.

Starting tonight after the maintenance period:

  • You will notice that thread titles are now split up into three topics that were submitted by the user. When you add a thread title, you have to start with the topic it belongs to.

  • You can submit a logo the second a build begins, but you can’t submit forum styles until Thursday at noon. Previously, you could submit a forum style right away, which led to many mismatched styles and logos. Voting for logos will also end on Thursday at noon, and then when people build styles they’ll know what logo they’re working with. I think this will lead to better designs overall!

  • The goal is to have a new and easier style builder in place on Thursday too, but that will depend how this week pans out in terms of the many other tiny things we’re working on!

Written by eviltrout

November 2, 2008 at 10:06 PM

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Coming Soon: ForumBuildr v2.0 BETA Upgrades

I’ve been saying for months that the part of Forumwarz that I want to upgrade the most is the ForumBuildr v2.0 BETA.

Right now it’s the only part of Forumwarz that requires manual intervention. Every Sunday night since we launched (with a couple of exceptions), I have had to stay home and do some work to make sure the stylesheet submitted jives with the existing site stylesheet. I also have to run some scripts to assign buildr scores and assign the difficulty of the forum.

The upgrades are going to move towards the Forum builds being completely automated, as well as making them a lot more customizable. I figured I’d let you guys know what we’re planning to deploy over the next little while in pieces:

  • Forum Ideas will have to give three topics for thread titles. For example, an army forum might have “Guns, Ammo and Camo” as the three topics. When a user submits a thread title, they will have to assign it into one of those topics. (this is being deployed tonight!)

  • The images for those topics can be designed and uploaded, voted on, etc, like logos.

  • We are going to allow people to upload icons for the forum, like the small pixel art ones we have for existing forums.

  • I am going to deploy a new “Style” builder to appeal to a wider audience. It will be a form that allows people without knowledge of CSS to build styles by playing with drop downs and color pickers. This will also solve my problem with the CSS not working when deployed. People will also be able to upload a background image!

  • Users will be able to submit custom titles for enemies in the forum. Again, more voting and fun!

  • Finally, we’re considering letting people upload avatars for the enemies themselves.

I think with these changes, the builds will get a lot more exciting, and will gain a lot more of the capabilities of the non-community forums!

I don’t have exact dates for most of these features, but expect to see them deployed over the next couple of weeks!

Written by eviltrout

October 26, 2008 at 4:00 PM

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