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New word types for that @ss

We messed around and added a crapload of new word types this morning, based on user input:

@pronoun_objective: you, me, it

@pronoun_subjective: him, her

@orifice: vagina, urethra, bellybutton

@addiction: alcoholism, compulsive overeating, problem gambling

@disabled: crippled, maimed

@bodily_fluid: blood, pus, semen, bile, urine

@vermin: rat, cockroach, midget

@pet: cat, dog, weasel

@dirty_sanchez: Angel Kiss, Icy Mike, Hot Karl, Pasadena Mudslide

@cut: slice, slash, gash

@band_metal: Anthrax, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, A Perfect Circle

@toilet: crapper, honey bucket, can

@fruit: (figure it out)

These have also been added since the last announcement:

@cold, @life, @organ, @street, @geek, @st_type, @precious_metal, @news_anchor, @classical_musician, @toy, @theme_park, @combat_unit, @terrorist_group, @modern_war, @search_engine, @gun

Have fun!


Written by eviltrout

May 3, 2008 at 4:44 PM

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