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The Halloween Puzzle

As many of you know, we ran a multi-stage puzzle on Halloween. It was authored by handofg0d, and edited/programmed by the Crotch Zombie team. It went over very well for the most part.

When we first envisioned how it would play out, we imagined that one eager player would work his or her way through it before the others. What actually happened was people tackled the puzzle in groups, through Skype, chat rooms and IDC.

So in the end, while there was an individual who finished the puzzle first the correct way, it was only on the shoulders of other players who had helped them work through the earlier puzzles. In the end, we decided that instead of rewarding the first one through the gate, we’d reward everyone who finished the puzzle in the first 24 hours. This way, all the players who took part in the teams (and those who worked through it on their own in the morning) get the reward too.

We’re giving out the E-Peen right now. You should receive it within the next hour or so of this post, assuming you solved the puzzle properly within the time frame.

For those who want to still try the puzzle, we have no plans to take it down any time soon. You won’t get an E-Peen™ for solving it, but you might still enjoy working your way through it. The link to start the puzzle is here.

Happy Halloween 2009!


Written by eviltrout

November 2, 2009 at 4:29 PM

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