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New E-Peen(tm) Length System

Previously, everyone’s E-Peen(tm) length was relative to the leader. What this meant was that there was one user with a 13″ peen, and everyone else’s scores would be scaled against it. It was good on paper, but people hated it. There were multiple discussions about how bad it was, so yesterday I changed it.

In the new system, each E-Peen(tm) you earned contributes to a potentially unlimited length. It will never go down.

Unfortunately, people hated the scale of the new system. It meant their 8″ peens went down to 3″. This was to be expected, but after a few suggestions I changed it so that everyone starts with a minimum length of 3″, and then people were pretty happy!

I went to bed, then woke up and realized the rollover code still had the old calculation, and everyone had 3″ chopped off again. I just fixed it.

So yes, going forward: Your E-Peen(tm) has no limit to its potential length. It will never shrink, only grow.


Written by eviltrout

December 12, 2008 at 3:46 PM

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E-Peen(tm) Length

We’ve changed your E-Peen(tm) count to be an E-Peen(tm) length.

It’s a much more interesting way of tallying your E-Peen(tm), since not every E-Peen(tm) is created equal.

In general, E-Peen(tm) that are harder to obtain increase your E-Peen(tm) length by more than those that are easy to get.

Your E-Peen(tm) length is a value in inches less than 13″ — the first 6″ is really easy to earn, the next 7″ are much more difficult to pick up.

The length is calculated nightly based on all the E-Peen(tm) that are in circulation. As more E-Peen(tm) are added to the system, it automatically adjusts everyones length to take it into account.

Check out how well you fare. I’m a respectable 7.23″!

Written by eviltrout

November 5, 2008 at 9:23 PM

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