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.moar files

Episode 2 is now only two weeks away, and we’ve still got some surprises! Previously, I’ve alluded to an unannounced gameplay feature that will be released at the same time as Episode 2, and I’m finally ready to announce it!

One thing lacking from Forumwarz is item drops when you beat enemies. Sure, we send you junk the next day, but if you are just 50 flezz short on an item you want, it sucks to have to wait, especially if you have forum visits remaining. Also, there is relatively little to collect in our game, since there are a limited amount of stores and items you can buy from them.

When Episode 2 launches, we’re introducing item drops in the form of “.moar” files. Even though this feature is launching with the paid content, it is open to all players. In fact, you gain the ability around level 3 in Episode 1.

The idea is that the Internet is like a dirty attic full of forgotten data files. Some are useful, some aren’t, and some are really rare. You are given the ability to equip “spider” software that scours forums as you browse (read: pwn) them. After each battle, the spider will transfer the files to your computer.

All the files are intially .moar files, which is the archive format of the Forumwarz universe. They are split up into multiple pieces, and you have to assemble them before you can access the file they contain. You are given a new tab on your character page that lists all the .moar files you’ve collected so far, the pieces you’ve found and how many are remaining before you can extract the file.

Moar files image

Files can be either audio, video, programs, pictures or documents, and can be equipped before you go into battle. Each player class can equip one of each type of file to boost their stats. Additionally, some files are specific to player classes.

Certain file pieces can only be found in certain forums, and some pieces are very rare. Harder forums generally drop better files. There are hundreds of files to collect and equip.

I’m pretty happy with the way the feature has turned out. The idea is to add more files over time, and eventually add a marketplace system where players can trade the pieces they don’t have with each other!


Written by eviltrout

October 2, 2008 at 12:14 AM

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