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The Irony was not lost on us

While I was generating some reports this afternoon, I noticed a bunch of people were visiting us from 711chan. 711chan, for those who aren’t aware, is one of the *chans, in other words the sites that run the same flavor of software and interface as 4chan but have slightly different rules.

One of the popular forums on 711chan is /i/, or Insurgency. The idea is to organize “invasions” of other web sites, like Habbo Hotel.

Today, one of their members clearly found their way to Forumwarz and posted a thread (mirror, for when they inevitably delete the thread) about us, resulting in hilarious circumstances.

First, someone cried out “They stole our memes and killed them, look hard at the trailer.”

Your memes? You mean the ones you stole from 4chan? Like the name of your forum? And your software?

A few minutes later, someone posted this wonderful piece of literature: “HAHAHAHAHAHA, IMA CHARGIN MAH 50K BOTNET LOL, LOL SHIT GON EXPLODE ONCE I GET HOME LOLOLOL” and shortly afterwards I did notice a bunch of errors being generated on the front page of the site due to a mishandled cookie. I banned the offending IP, and pushed out some code to fix the error and that was that.

I should point out that the irony in having our site “attacked” by a forum was not lost on us! Also, for another fun “stolen” meme, check out the names of the cookies we use on our front page.

After Jalapeno posted on their forums about how we saw them in our logs, a member(moderator?) chimed in to berate them on their incredible failure:

This is why we keep telling you idiots to use to hide referrers.


Thread will not be locked to show you idiots why you should have used those links. Now we’re going to disable hyperlinking from /i/ and possibly the site. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Check and mate!


Written by eviltrout

February 19, 2008 at 11:24 PM

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