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Forumwarz APIs

I’ve been doing some work behind the scenes to create an API for INCIT, so that we can make clients on other platforms (right now we’re working on an iPhone version with one of our users.)

Thanks to Rails, creating the API is taking very little time. I was curious whether anyone else would be interested in APIs for other aspects of Forumwarz?

Nothing comes to mind right now, but if you’re a programmer and want access to our public data somehow, send me a tubmail or email with your idea and I’ll see what I can do.


Written by eviltrout

October 27, 2008 at 3:38 PM

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Embedded IDC – Round 2

I listened to your feedback about our embedded IDC client and made a bunch of fixes:

  • I changed the color to look more like the rest of the site.

  • You can see how many people are online, and click to get a pop up of all members in the channel.

  • Resizing is less buggy.

  • INCIT chat has been changed to the same interface, finally we can see who is online during an INCIT round!

  • I renamed “Hide” to “Close”, which is more appropriate. People thought it was loading even while hidden due to a display bug that was causing it to flicker for half a second.

  • You can permanently hide the chat so it doesn’t waste that 1/3rd of an inch of screen real estate under your Options.

Written by eviltrout

June 28, 2008 at 11:50 PM

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Site Updates – May 14

New Stuff

  • There are now Forumwarz Community ads in IDC and INCIT. As always they can be disabled by purchasing No Ads. They’re currently set to show up every 5 minutes, but if chat isn’t very busy it’ll wait longer to avoid filling up the whole window with ads.

Lots of INCIT new stuff!

  • Players’ top INCIT wins are now visible on their profile. You can also click a link to view them all for a particular character. Check out wins for our current INCIT champion, Orb. He’s won over 100 rounds!

  • The previous 5 winners of are now shown while playing.

  • Your own submission is shown during the voting stage for those who can’t remember what they wrote a minute ago!

  • The other INCIT Hall of Shit pages have pagination now, to make it easier to browse backwards through history.

  • INCIT will show less repeat photos in small time frames.

  • You can preview a submission after you’ve voted for it.

Bug Fixes

  • If the winner of an INCIT round is disqualified, the second place winner now wins.

Written by eviltrout

May 14, 2008 at 11:33 PM

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The INCIT test is back!

We’d taken down the INCIT test for a little while due to performance reasons. It’s back up now and we’re gathering a lot more data on how it performs.

Check it out and help us make it a better product!

Written by eviltrout

May 6, 2008 at 5:08 PM

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The INCIT Gallery

We’ve just launched The Hall of Shit, the INCIT winners gallery. Since we launched INCIT in test form a few days ago, we’ve created well over 800 posters so far.

Browse the gallery, vote on your favorites, and feel free to send the funniest ones to your friends. Unlike much of Forumwarz, the gallery is reachable by people without accounts!

Here are some of my favorites:

Oh God, California Girls, Holy Jesus! and Larping.

Coming Soon

RSS feeds for the winners!

Written by eviltrout

April 23, 2008 at 6:47 PM

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Site Updates – Apr 22

Small updates, today is my “Day Off”

  • The INCIT test now works in IE7 and no longer prompts you to download a file.

  • Velveteen and FAIL won our most recent contest to come up with a new persona for “The Other Other Hole.” They both got an exclusive E-Peen(tm) for it too: The Artist.

The Artist

For those who are asking:

  • A gallery of recent INCIT winners is coming very soon, it’s already in the works and all winning posters have been recorded.

  • We will do something about the fact that INCIT disqualifies and doesn’t show the results of any rounds with more than a 2-way tie! We know about it, thanks!

Written by eviltrout

April 22, 2008 at 11:26 PM

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Help test our new game, INCIT!

Introducing INCIT

Tonight the big news is we’ve launched a test version of our new mini-game called INCIT.

The idea behind the game is pretty simple: you compete with others to create motivational posters in a given theme. Rounds currently last 10 minutes, broken up into Submitting, Voting and Results.

In the submitting stage you are given a theme, for example “as an Emo Kid” and a photograph that our mods and admins have painstakingly imported from Flickr. It is then up to you to come up with a creative title and sub-title for the image.

During the voting stage the other players vote on all the submissions.

Finally, the winner is the poster with the most votes.

Play INCIT right now!

Limitations of this test version

  • It is quite likely that aspects of it will be broken, especially during the first few days, while we figure out how it responds to the load of the web site and the volume of users who are playing at any given time.

  • There is no official tie in to the storyline (yet.) We’ve worked out a small backstory for the game and it will go live when we remove “test” from the title.

  • There is no reward beyond winning the round beyond seeing your name in huge text. Once INCIT is stable, it will be a source of the much-coveted chocolate scoops for Forumwarz domination.

  • All winning posters are archived, but there is no way to see previous winners. We will have a gallery for this fairly soon (within a few days, I’d bet.)

Having said that, please please please give feedback! We always make our tools and game much better once we hear what you guys have to say.

Written by eviltrout

April 20, 2008 at 12:25 AM

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