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The Hacker Class

I don’t think it’s a spoiler anymore that in Episode 2 we’re launching a new class, The Hacker.

In Episode 1, the attacks you can execute are all about posting. For example, as a camwhore you’d post a picture of your cleavage to try and derail a thread.

The hacker class gives us the artistic license to screw around with more than posts. The hacker can pwn the forum itself, and I’m currently having a lot of fun coding up the various attacks.

For example, the hacker has an attack (currently called “scrmbl”, but that is subject to change) that scrambles all of the text on the page. While the text is scrambling it animates and I think it looks pretty awesome. You can just imagine the other members of the forum wondering what the hell is happening!

It looks much cooler when animating, but here is a screenshot of Denture Chat after it has been scrambled. Click for a bigger version!

Note that even the posters’ names and post dates get scrambled too!


Written by eviltrout

May 23, 2008 at 3:38 PM

Posted in Episode 2, Home

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