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Your Forumwarz Addiction Level

We’ve added a new panel (Profile > Addiction Level under on your home page) where you can view some stats about your Forumwarz usage, including an estimated amount of hours you’ve spent on the site.

The estimate is very weak because we don’t track your usage habits that closely. It just pulls up the stats we do know, then multiplies each one by an average amount of time it takes to do each of those tasks. Many things (like your time spent in Internet Delay Chat) aren’t tracked at all. So for most hardcore users you can view it as a “minimum” amount of hours you’ve spent on the site.

For other casual users, especially those who have bought cheating enhancements, the number might be a bit high. Here’s mine!

(Note that while I have definitely logged into almost every day for the last year, since I typically do testing and pwnage on development servers it’s reporting a much smaller number. I would estimate the amount of hours I’ve spent on the site in the hundreds, maybe thousands :S)

Written by eviltrout

September 25, 2008 at 8:50 PM

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