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Forumwarz APIs

I’ve been doing some work behind the scenes to create an API for INCIT, so that we can make clients on other platforms (right now we’re working on an iPhone version with one of our users.)

Thanks to Rails, creating the API is taking very little time. I was curious whether anyone else would be interested in APIs for other aspects of Forumwarz?

Nothing comes to mind right now, but if you’re a programmer and want access to our public data somehow, send me a tubmail or email with your idea and I’ll see what I can do.


Written by eviltrout

October 27, 2008 at 3:38 PM

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    October 27, 2008 at 3:38 PM

  2. <a href=>See here.</a>


    October 27, 2008 at 3:38 PM

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