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When our site went down for half a day to move to the new server (a time I’ll call “Black Wednesday”), Evil Trout started up an already abandoned Twitter account so that we’d have a reliable source of information during this dark, dark time.

Although I initially mocked him for it, I now realize just how effective this microblogging service can be, especially when things are moving as rapidly as they are now.

So, check out our new Group Twitter account at We’ll still put major or long-term announcements on our blog, and we’ll still use special notifications on your Forumwarz homepage where appropriate. Of course, we’ll also keep using IDC and Flamebate to communicate with you guys.

But rapid announcements about updates, known bugs, small feature pushes, masturbatory play-by-play and other miscellany will start showing up on our Twitter feed, so be sure to subscribe to it if you’re a Forumwarz junkie! Note that you don’t need an account to follow it, just a browser and maybe an RSS reader.

See you on the internet!


Written by eviltrout

October 17, 2008 at 3:40 PM

Posted in Home, Site Updates

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