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Episode 2 is Live!

We launched Episode 2 last night to thousands of users hitting the F5 buttons on their browsers. It first it was a little rocky but it’s a lot smoother now.

  • You may notice some lag in spurts. Generally it shouldn’t delay you more than a few seconds, but we are monitoring things and will add more servers if necessary to keep up with the load past the intial spike.

  • We accidentally sent out new visits twice today! Consider it a present from us related to Episode 2, also to make up for any issues that are interfering with your gameplay.

  • We are actively monitoring and doing our best to respond to any bug reports. I promise you that every bug submitted to us is read, even if you don’t get a personal response. Please make sure to provide as much detail as possible in every bug report to help us identify and fix problems quickly.

Finally, THANKS to everyone who is supporting us through this incredibly busy period. You’re awesome.

P.S. Stop asking about when Episode 3 will come out.


Written by eviltrout

October 17, 2008 at 3:38 PM

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