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New Forum Builds!

We have two New Forum builds since I last posted about them:

Don’t have time to write your thesis? Forgot about that paper due tomorrow? Is your boss going to fire you if you don’t turn in that ad copy soon? Search the internet for things other people wrote and “borrow” their ideas… and then post them here for the rest of us to steal! Throw ethics out the window and spend your time on more enjoyable pursuits (like fapping).

Cellmates is an online social networking web site that enables users to locate and interact with acquaintances from prisons, concentration camps, and even freeway clean-up groups nation wide. With over 40 million members from over 200 thousand detention facilities, Cellmates is the world’s best place to reunite with those precious souls you had hoped you’d never have to see, ever again.

Our current build is Mad Scientists:

Stumped for ideas for your next doomsday device? Can’t figure out the formula behind the Penis-Snatcher™? Idolise Dr. Strangelove? Then unite with your fellow rejected members of the scientific community and plot the world’s downfall over the internet! You’ll be amazed at just how many ways we have of enacting revenge on those physicists who rejected your ideas, falsely stating that they “defied all moral standards of society”!


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August 5, 2008 at 5:46 PM

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