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Guess what? We published a forum!

This week’s Forum Build is Obscure Phobia Support Boards!

Are you deathly afraid of balloons, or the number 13? Are you so afraid of vomiting that it makes you sick to your stomach? Whether you’re Verbophobic, Coimetrophobic, Methyphobic, or any other sort of phobic, you don’t have to suffer alone. Here at the OPSB you will not be judged or made fun of for your fears, you will be accepted as one of the family. (disregard if you are afraid of families.)

Next week’s build will be Teen Mommies:

Are you a pregnant teen or new teen mom? Teen Mommies is where you want to be! Whether you need advice on finding maternity rave clothes, convincing your babydaddy to talk to you at school, or even whether to fill the baby’s bottle with Regular or Diet Coke, we have tons of great advice from experienced teen moms! Be sure to join in our discussions on “tattoo or not tattoo” and whether your school backpack can be modified for easy baby transport.

P.S. Blog updates are slower right now due to hardcore Episode 2 development.


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July 7, 2008 at 2:12 AM

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