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Girls Advocating Sexual Purity

It’s that time of week again! We’ve just launched Girls Advocating Sexual Purity:

With all the temptations facing girls today, isn’t it good to know that at GASP, we provide a safe outlet for girls? All GASP girls must sign a virginity pledge to participate on our forums, so you know that when you’re chatting with a GASP girl, you’re really talking to a pure, inexperienced virgin. We discuss how difficult it can be to hold back when a boy holds you close, and all the things you can do to alleviate that tension. If you’re a virgin, we really want you at GASP!

Thanks to everyone who helped create this awesome forum. Next week’s build will be Obscure Phobia Support Boards:

Are you deathly afraid of balloons, or the number 13? Are you so afraid of vomiting that it makes you sick to your stomach? Whether you’re Verbophobic, Coimetrophobic, Methyphobic, or any other sort of phobic, you don’t have to suffer alone. Here at the OPSB you will not be judged or made fun of for your fears, you will be accepted as one of the family. (disregard if you are afraid of families.)


Written by eviltrout

June 30, 2008 at 7:19 PM

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