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Site Updates – Mar 30

New Forum: God Hates Facts

We’ve just launched this week’s ForumBuildr v2.0 Forum, God Hates Facts!

Humans evolved from monkeys? The universe revolves around the sun? Being gay ISN’T a choice? Sure, if you want to believe a bunch of fucking liberals and their “textbooks”. For everyone else, God Hates Facts is a place to gather and discuss how things REALLY are – because when you know you’re right, you don’t need any “science” to prove it. [ALL THREATENING, CRITICIZING, OR OTHERWISE UNFAVORABLE EMAILS WILL BE FORWARDED TO THE FBI, CIA, AND PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH]

New Stuff

  • You can click on someone’s name in IDC if you want to direct a message to them
  • We’ve added a bunch of new word types. As you can see, a few towards the end are geared towards this week’s new ForumBuildr forum, Wiccapedia:
    @foreign_currency, @old_testament, @new_testament, @evil, @soap_opera, @game_show, @doctor_type, @shoe_type, @boy_band, @girl_group, @furniture, @math_symbol, @crime, @facial_hair, @climate, @popular_team, @wiccan_holiday, @tarot_meaning, @tarot_card, @occult_object


  • Fixed a problem where some players couldn’t properly enable their shield cards
  • Flood control in IDC is much better
  • If you open two tabs in IDC then close one, it will no longer show you as invisible
  • IDC does a better job of cleaning up the lurkers list due to inactivity.

Written by eviltrout

March 30, 2008 at 5:04 AM

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