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YouBoob Launched!

We just launched YouBoob, the latest community built forum in the world of Forumwarz. Some contributions shocked me by getting hundreds of votes each, and I think the end product is quite lolsworthy. Also, check out the awesome logo from Xoey:

Xoey did a great job mixing the mythology of Forumwarz into the parody of an existing site 🙂

Our new Build has been selected. We’re doing:

Fathers Against Pornography

The rise of pornography on the Internet and popular media has made many things hard. Fathers Against Pornography (FAP) is here help men take matters into their own hands and combat the pressures brought on by pornography. Bikini model selling beer? FAP is here! Naked women behind every mouse click? FAP! 10 second clip of an alien butt in a video game? FAP!


Written by eviltrout

March 3, 2008 at 2:24 AM

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