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Site Updates – Feb 23

We installed some more RAM and the server seems to be running a lot more smoothly. Thanks for your patience during our growing pains.

The E-Peen(tm) for Sweet Sixteen should now be working properly. Also I think I sorted out any bugs related to pistachio scoops in Forumwarz domination. Unfortunately Sweet 16 is not retro-active, so if you already did 16 different forums in a row you won’t be rewarded appropriately 😦

The login page now describes Forumwarz. This is so that the ads served on account-only pages (I’m looking at you character page!) aren’t about firewalls and security products. Come on Googlebot, can’t you detect parody?

Cheaters don’t have to wait a day to get the FBO email. It’ll come instantly for them!


Written by eviltrout

February 24, 2008 at 12:47 AM

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