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Site Updates – July 23

A New Domination Theme

This week we’re doing a trial run of awarding chocolate scoops from INCIT. We call this The INCIT Scoop!

We have decided to make a bunch of other changes to Domination this week as well, following feedback from the community and the results of previous theme weeks

Other New Domination Changes

  • You can now only hold 30 Domination Cards at once.

  • Medals are not awarded in the event of a tie.

  • You will receive 8 Vanilla scoops instead of 1 when you pwn 4 forums as a solo player.

  • The same account cannot have multiple characters taking part in the same raid.

  • Asshole cards can be used any time and removes 6 (instead of 10) scoops from the top player.

  • Bugfix: When a raid group pwns 12 forums, raid group members have to beat forums not already owned by anyone in their raid group in order to get subsequent scoops.

For more discussion on these changes, check out BingeBot’s thread.


Written by eviltrout

July 24, 2008 at 1:07 AM

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