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People Who Visit Gawker are Too Cool to Visit Forumwarz

First off, I have to give a big thanks and a hearty props-knuckle to blogger Nick Douglas of Gawker, who extended Forumwarz’s 15 minutes to at least 17-and-three-quarters with his enthusiastic and decidedly unironic review of our game! Glad you enjoyed it, Nick, and many happy returns.

The gameplay is actually simple and well thought-out. The copy is clever. And because users can create new levels, the jokes don’t run out. If Kingdom of Loathing wasn’t witty enough for you, and you’d rather be caught watching porn than playing World of Warcraft, give it a little try.

But damn, talk about a tough sell! Those commenters weren’t having it, not one little bit. Check them out: sarcasm! Not “getting” it! And do I sense an accusation of…sexism?! Well, I never!

(Maybe I’m defensive because I’m so close to the material, but why bother posting on a blog that you “don’t get” something, when you could easily click on a link, spend a few seconds getting to know it, and save yourself the trouble of broadcasting your ignorance? Heck, I just don’t get…shit. Nailed me.)

Now I’m familiar enough with Gawker, but I’ve never paid much attention to the comments. In any case, something tells me that Gawker just might be populated with individuals who are considered — or at least, consider themselves — “hep,” “cool,” or otherwise “in the know.” And these people, as I understand, are too “cool” to play computer games, and they certainly wouldn’t lower themselves to actually enjoy them.

But we know better, don’t we, Forumwarz fans? Excelsior!

Say it! Fucking SAY IT with me! Loud and proud! “EXCELSIOR!!!”

I feel better now.

Written by eviltrout

February 27, 2008 at 2:42 AM

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