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Beta Eve Podcast

To celebrate the launch of tomorrow’s Episode 2 Beta, I recorded a podcast this afternoon.

Download the MP3 (9MB).

Jalapeno had some technical difficulties so it’s just me talking.

As a gift, I’ve included a newly recorded audio tubmail of Bruce bear in the beginning!


Written by eviltrout

September 14, 2008 at 9:57 PM

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The Episode 2 Beta

A lot of Episode 2 has come together over the last couple of weeks. I remember it being this way before we launched Episode 1. It seems to take forever to get the ball rolling, but near the end so much comes together so quickly!

I included an illustration of a permanoob in our last update. It’s actually a tiny piece of our new homepage! For Episode 2 you’ll be greeted with a beautiful piece of artwork from the guys at Dooomcat. We liked their artwork so much that we had them re-design the character selection portraits too. I think our moderator, Mc Banhammer, had an orgasm when he saw the full artwork.

It looks like we are going to launch a closed beta of Episode 2 on Monday. We promised some contributors to Episode 2 the ability to participate in the beta, so if you are one of those (and you should know if you are!), please make sure your email on your account is up to date so we can email you the details.

If you haven’t been promised membership to the beta, and can’t wait until October to play the game, don’t fret: It is likely that our list of beta participants is too small for adequate coverage. We will likely end up randomly choosing some of our active players to participate as well. If you want to make sure you’re eligible, just make sure you play the game (pwn forums or gain scoops in domination) between now and Monday.

If you’re not picked, you won’t have to be patient for very long! The majority of the wait is over. A release date announcement will come very soon!

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Written by eviltrout

September 12, 2008 at 1:57 AM

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