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The New Battle Interface

Not everything in Episode 2 is related to new content. We’re using the development time to streamline some other things, such as the battle interface.

Check out a new screenshot!

The biggest difference is that we’ve re-claimed the top part of the screen. While in battle, normally the only links from the top menu you’d want are to Leave Battle or to Report a Bug. Instead of wasting inches of screen real estate on the logo and tabs, we’ve come up with a one-line version takes up a lot less room! The text “Emi” in the screenshot is the name of the test character I’m using.

Another major change that you can’t see in the screenshot is that new posts in forums are now attached to the bottom of threads instead of the top. This is the way that every forum in existence seems to work. To accomodate this, the forum automatically scrolls to the bottom (like in sTalk).

Since your eyes are now focused more at the bottom of the screen, I’ve moved the thread vitals section to be just above your toolbar, since you mostly look at it when you look at your own vitals which are now just below.

Now of course all of these cosmetic changes are still very much a work in progress (although have been stable for a while in the Episode 2 code base.) If you guys have any feedback we’d love to hear it!


Written by eviltrout

August 9, 2008 at 6:57 PM

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  1. Looks good so far, you are concentrating most of the "business" items down at the bottom of the page. Making the battle page more streamlined is a great idea.

    The links to start on a new thread or leave are under the reward graphic (Shazam!) when you finish with a thread. Is there any chance you are going to add a "next thread" button at the bottom after the thread is dead? To keep all the interaction down there? Maybe a hotkey button set (y/n) where the thread ownage/health level was when the thread was active? I think that’s about the only thing you would need to leave the bottom of the page for during a forum run.


    August 9, 2008 at 6:57 PM

  2. I would also like to have some info about those new atacks.

    Angry Hobo

    August 9, 2008 at 6:57 PM

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